Robot Home

This page is a stub. I'm sorry that more concise documentation is lacking.

A concise visual history of the robot over time, both in concept and physical hardware, is here.

The development blog is here. (with pictures)

I'm working on the mathematics and software now.

There's source code here. (not much right now – holding off until the image processing code is higher quality)

Driving it around on remote

Road segmentation on pedestrian path

Road segmentation on paved road

Brief description of the robot


3 feet long, 2 feet wide, 1.5 feet high


30 to 40 pounds


Carbon steel and 6061 aluminum


12 inch pneumatic with plastic rims


Ackerman with reversed Pitman arms using 6 volt cordless screwdriver


18 volt Panasonic cordless drill for each rear wheel with differential drive

Motor control

Homemade AVR microcontroller based, very simple wirewrap on proto-board with most parts from Fry's, Radio Shack, and Altex.


Two Soekris Net 4801 SBCs - 266 Mhz Geode 128 MB RAM booting off 512 MB CF cards


Netgear WiFi router and Maxstream 900 Mhz half-duplex serial radio


Garmin GPS 18 LVC


Two D-Link C310 webcams, two Sharp IR long distance sensors, one Futaba GY240 piezo-gyro, one Sony SNC-M1 network camera

Time to build

About one year to design and fabricate - that includes two iterations of vehicle platform and motor control. The final design is actually version two. Note this time estimate does not include mathematics and software.


The robot alone, somewhere around $2000. With the machine shop, electronics bench equipment, computers, books, and other materials, somewhere around $10000?

Some pictures of the robot taken on Saturday, February 4th 2006.