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Evolution over time

Small form factor PC (2004)

Project page at mini-itx.com

Experiences with a tabletop machine shop

A small machine shop on a table will cost from $1000 to $2000. Roughly half is for the machines and the other for tooling and accessories. There are limitations. But you can still solve fabrication problems effectively impossible with hand tools. The two projects above made extensive use of the pictured tabletop mill and lathe.

Learning basic electronics for software engineers

If interested in electronics, most software engineers wish to control hardware with computers. For the hobbyist, all you then really need to be familiar with are basic linear circuits, idealized diodes and large signal transistor models in saturation. This really isn't that much.

Running Linux on compact flash cards

If you're trying to boot and run off compact flash, this might help. It's an explanation of the cross-toolchain development environment and flash card installer used for the autonomous ground robot project above. It's based on uClibC buildroot. It may save you some time.

Honda ASIMO visit to SMU in Dallas, November 2004

The Honda ASIMO marketing tour came to Dallas and held several shows at Southern Methodist University. I took pictures but mostly recorded movies of the show from a seat in the second row, aisle seat, in the audience. It was a lot of fun.